Drive Hike Repeat

Way back when I started this blog (a whole two months ago!) I shared a potential itinerary for touring Colorado's National Parks. The point of that post was to give you a sense of driving times and locations to visit. But what should you do while you're taking that trip? I suggested a hike in Rocky Mountain and some in the parks near Moab. Now it's time to fill in the other sections with what we actually did. Once I've shared all the hikes/destinations, I'll do a round-up with our full itinerary and links. 

This particular hike is one in Gunnison National Forest. We did a big chunk of this road trip with my brother and SIL who live in Denver. They've been diligently working their way through a book of lake hikes in Colorado. So on our way from Denver to Gunnison (by way of Colorado Springs for a tasty birthday breakfast for my SIL), we stopped to do a hike from their books. A secondary purpose of the hike was for Kelly & I to keep adjusting to the Colorado elevation. (We were hoping to hike a 14er the next day.) After a long, bumpy, and muddy ride, we arrived at the trailhead for this hike to Upper Lamphier Lake. The 9 mile out and back was steep and not particularly enjoyable with lots of rocky terrain. But arriving at the lake most certainly was worth the work. A simply stunning place without the traffic that you'd find in RMNP. 

Pro Tip: The mosquitos are bad here. Wear repellant and pack thick long sleeves for the top. We donned rain coats for the sole purpose of enjoying some relief from the bugs while we ate a snack along the lake's shore.

How to Get There: Colorado Road 771. Just beyond these coordinate: Latitude: 38.6547; Longitude: -106.5745