Drive Hike Repeat

I was determined to get down into the hoodoos even if it meant a steep climb back out at the end of the hike. My original plan had been to do the Fairyland Loop (about 8 miles) but we didn't have hiking poles and the distance in snowy terrain was a bit daunting. Instead, we did the Peekaboo Loop trail, which we accessed from the Navajo Loop Trail at Sunset Point (Peekaboo can also be accessed by a side trail out of Bryce Point). 

The trail starts off with a steep descent down switchbacks. These were a combination of MUDDY and icy when we were there. This trail was really crowded both when we descended and when we returned. But we lost the crowds eventually (many people take a short hike down just to get a sense of being in the canyon). 

At the end of the Navajo Trail, we turned right and then the trail whipped us around to the left, eventually taking us to the Peekaboo loop. I LOVED THIS HIKE. It was just magical to have the orange formations surrounding us. The trail took us over, through, and around such amazing sights. In the summer, there's even a restroom that can be accessed from the trail. We ate a picnic lunch in one of the only sitting spots we found without snow or mud while overlooking the Cathedral formation. After our picnic, we finished the loop and then headed back toward the crowds and the long climb up out of the canyon. All told, we hiked about 6 miles, earning ourselves an afternoon break before another short hike and a visit back out for sunset. 

 Muddy trails where the snow melted underneath tourist foot traffic. 

Muddy trails where the snow melted underneath tourist foot traffic.