Appalachian Trail Cuts Through a Foggy Grove

Most people hike for the huge vistas from rocky overlooks. I love those, too, but these vibrant green forests in summer always captivate me. Early mornings are the perfect time to catch moments like this. My wife and I found this bright green forest in Southern Virginia during an annual hiking trip.. The thin brown strip on the right is the Appalachian Trail.  

Balanced Rock Pano

Arches National Park is quite a wonderland of rock. The impossible seems to be around every corner.  Balanced rock is probably the second most popular formation in the park; just behind Delicate Arch. We had beautiful blue skies while we were there.

Blue Sky Over Fog Behind Rhododendron Expanse

Clouds rolling up from the valley below Grassy Ridge in the Roan Highlands on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.  In mid June the Cawtaba Rhododendron burst into bloom and cover the rocky outcropping with pink and purple flowers.  It is truly a sight to be seen.  

Coral Bay with view of BVI

Saint John is one the lesser known national parks, but so far is one of the most beautiful that I've seen.  The small island is around 75% national park and has very little development.  This view of Coral Bay is from the deck of one of the condos we have rented while visiting, nearly at the highest point on the island.  Off on the horizon you can see the British Virgin Islands. 

Joshua Tree in in Open Desert Panorama

While on a trip to San Diego I decided to venture out to Joshua Tree National Park to see the famous Suess like trees.  I had clear blue skies and only saw three people the entire day, including a couple who visits the park annually and said they had never seen weather this nice in the park. It was wonderful day and I am itching to go back!

Panorama of Mountains in Fall with Fog

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall is one the great benefits of living in the south.  There is something magical about driving through the early morning fog and seeing it break just enough to spy the vistas in front of you.  The orange, red and green ridges continue to rise and fall in layers far off into the horizon.  

Panorama of Oberlin Clements and Cannon Mountains

The Going to The Sun Road had only been open for a week when we showed up in Glacier National Park in late June. It was still pretty quiet on our way up to Logan Pass for this sunset. 

Sunset View of Hidden Valley

After a perfect day at Joshua Tree National Park, this one was of the last images I was able to take. I had hopes that I could get some kind of image but I wasn't expecting to get this lucky with the clouds and color.  It was a great evening in the desert. 

Torn Paper Mountains

Standing on top of Round Bald in the Roan Highlands of Tennessee I saw this view.  This image is one of the first panoramas that I shot while hiking and I really wasn't sure if it would work.  I just knew that a small photo of the clouds creeping over the mountains on the right side could never capture the grandeur of the scene. The mountains in the Blue Ridge always remind me of the ragged edge of torn construction paper layered behind each other.