A New Chapter

Screen shot of the old site

It is finally happening. KVD Design is getting updated.  The last time I updated the site was 2007 and I was looking for a job in North Carolina so that I could move to Durham and get married.  Fast forward nine years and I got that job, we got married and have since moved away from Durham. Today, I've moved on from that job and started a company and I'm following a dream. I've also been too busy working on projects for other companies that I've not had time to update my own site.  

I had grand dreams of designing and programming a really complicated site but I finally broke down and admitted to myself that I needed an updated site much more than a portfolio piece.  So after looking around a bit I've decided to go with Squarespace.com. So far it is a pretty sweet set up and I'm really liking it.  Normally I really dislike templates but they have set up a really flexible system that is doing almost everything I wanted.  I'm sure it can do even more, I just need to use google to find the hacks.  

Anyway, this is my first post on the new site and I am honestly just doing this to see what a blog looks like. Thanks if you are reading this.  I'm hoping to post more here since it is so easy to do.  I'm thinking I'll post on Photography tips and gear, along with travel reflections and tips from the photo trips I take to the national parks and other places.  

Good bye old KVD Design site.  You got me a job but now its time to be more robust.