Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots

We had only three full days to explore Banff National Park. AKA, NOT ENOUGH TIME. So when we had nearly a full day rained out from heavy thunderstorms, we were disappointed. Late nights and early mornings meant some of the rainy time could be used for much-needed naps. 

Around late afternoon, the rain promised to clear and we quickly made plans to catch one final hike in Banff--out to Johnston Canyon and up to the Ink Pots. We packed a picnic dinner and headed out for the ~7 mile hike. 

Johnston Canyon was stunning. Elevated trail along a raging river and then this waterfall tumbling into the canyon. The trail was crowded (the hike is apparently the busiest in Banff National Park) but once we passed the waterfall and started making our way to the ink pots, we had the trail nearly to ourselves. 

Ink Pot Reflection

I found the ink pots--bubbling blue ponds--fascinating. The rest of my hiking party didn't seem the enamored with them but I think they are definitely worth a visit.

The hike is not too strenuous and allows good views of forest, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. Add it to your list!