What Just Happened?

Things have been different around here. We’ve been posting but there’s been no information about hikes and Kelly hasn’t shared a single time lapse in over a month. This gap is because we have been on the road since June 11th. 32 days across 16 states and visits to 9 National Parks. Although this isn’t our longest stint away from home, it’s the longest we have been without a home base. We have truly been living out of our car, one time even sleeping IN our car when our campsite became closed to tents due to grizzly activity. We drove 7346.2 miles and hiked 204.7 miles.

Over the next days and weeks, we’ll be doing the second half of the job, processing photos, videos, and information learned from the trip. Right now, the plan is to start at the beginning of the trip and post our favorite hikes, photos, and videos. In the mean time, what do you want to know about how we pulled this off? From planning to the realities of road life, we are happy to share what we can. Whether you post here on the blog, Facebook, or on Instagram, we’ll gather up questions and put together a post.