Gateway Arch National Park
Thin Tower of Gateway Arch

The newest National Park to come on the scene is a familiar landmark in downtown St Louis, the famous Arch. This park is pretty darn unusual as it's more about architecture and history than other parks. There are plenty of famous historical places that are registered as National Landmarks or National Monuments but this is the only building to earn National Park status. 

Fisheye Selfie in Gateway Arch Tram

Still, it's a park and if we're going to visit all the parks, Road Trip 2018 was the perfect chance to visit this one. We got a hotel room a few blocks from the arch and were able to walk around it at both sunset and sunrise. We also purchased tickets to ride up the elevator up to the top of the arch, which was a great experience. The elevator is a sort of tram made up of circle shaped units with super snug seating. We snagged a unit to ourselves for both the rides up and down. 

Pro Tip: St. Louis can be HOT. If you're traveling in summer, there might be no way to avoid this. But, well, just consider yourself warned.