Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Although our final destination may have been Glacier, we had plenty of miles to drive to get out west. If you're like us and driving out from the east coast, chances are you might want to add some fun stops to your road trip. And we've got a suggestion for you: a tour at a Kentucky bourbon distillery. 

The Kentucky Bourbon trail is a set of historical distilleries that offer tours and there are locations all across the state. Thanks to our family and friends in Kentucky (Kelly grew up in Kentucky and we actually met in college there), we get to go through the state often. We've now toured three distilleries and can highly recommend the experience at each of them. Each has their own character and offers free samples of bourbon at the end. The Bulleit & Woodford Reserve Distilleries are part of the official Bourbon Trail and charge a fee for the tour (<$20 per person). Buffalo Trace is not a part of the official trail but is a great stop and offers free tours. 

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1) Bulleit. Located in downtown Louisville (for now), Bulleit was our stop on this most recent road trip. They offer a historical perspective on their facility which has seen many different companies and brands. Their particular tour gave us insight into the corporate side of the bourbon industry and we got to see a cool room where they work to develop new blends and brands.

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2) Buffalo Trace. Located in Frankfurt, Buffalo Trace is a large production facility. We've taken their tour several times as part of our work in the area with the Derby and have enjoyed each year. Huge storage warehouses and active production on site means you never know what you'll see-barrels being rolled from one building to another, fresh bourbon being emptied from just opened barrels, or glass jars being lined up for filling. They have a bourbon cream to sample at the end--it's lovely!

Angled View of Aging Bourbon at Woodford Reserve (1).jpg

3) Woodford Reserve. Located in Versailles, Woodford Reserve gives you a tour of a distillery and iconic Kentucky scenery of rolling grassy fields and horse farms. This particular tour gets you the closest to the actual process (at least of what we've toured) as you'll walk through rooms with aging bourbon in open vats. The samples at the end include bourbon and a bourbon ball chocolate. As a bonus, this distillery is nearby to the Wallace Station deli. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu but save room for a cookie for dessert!

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