Tour of the Midwest
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After St. Louis, we had plans to stay with family and friends for two nights, first in Minneapolis and then in Montevideo, Minnesota. Kelly remembered a bridge in Iowa he had seen photographs of and it turned out we could get to it by adding just about an hour to our drive.

We left St. Louis during rush hour (not recommended) and made our way toward the High Trestle Trail near Boone, Iowa. The rails-to-trail stretches out quite long and if you're a bike rider, we'd suggest adding a long ride on it to your list of activities. Being bike less, we opted to walk out and back about mile and a half each way to see the bridge. It was sunny and hot but nice to stretch our legs on a long driving day. 

The next morning we spent some time walking around downtown Minneapolis before heading out to Montevideo. Once in Montevideo, we had a delightful time visiting with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, all of whom it has been far too long since we've seen. We assembled the slider for the first time and decided to keep it put together for the entire trip. This rig is what gives us the motion you see in many of Kelly's time lapses. It fit perfectly along the floor of our backseat and keeping it assembled saved time throughout the trip, allowing us to more easily shoot over 40 time lapses.

After a quick breakfast in Montevideo, we took off via backroads for Badlands National Park. On the way we counted 99 signs for Wall Drug, a tourist trap right outside the park. Kelly has a thing for their doughnuts so of course we had to stop. It's a complete tourist trap but a fun one. Who can resist a chance to climb up on a jackelope? And the doughnuts were pretty great.