For Wandering's Sake

We're in the midst of posting photos and hikes from our most recent journey. And one thing that's been sticking with me as try to turn this little endeavor into a business is how easy it is to lose sight of the joy of journeying. With social media and website information all around us, other people's hikes, photos, and adventures can so easily seem like more than what you can do. The push to be bigger, better, more adventurous, spend more time in the mountains, take better photos, get more followers. Wow, it's easy to get sucked into that. 

A little bit of social psychology for you, since that's my actual professional training. Spending money doing and having experiences is far better for happiness than spending money on material items. But chasing happiness almost never brings it about. The more you seek something because you think it will make you feel happy or bring you self-worth, the less it can actually do so. People get so wrapped up in thinking the next thing, the next trip, the next promotion, the next adventure, will be the one. 

This idea will sound amusing coming from me, the queen of goals, but journeying is about wandering for its own sake. About breathing new air, feeling fresh wind, and walking new ground. We are still coming into our own voice in this online world of sharing adventure photos but whatever happens, we hope we are a place that doesn't make you doubt your own worth, undermine the magic of your own daily adventures, or make you think that the next place is surely the one. Instead, we hope this is a place to celebrate big and small adventures of all kinds, a place that reminds you of the feeling of that fresh air, a place that inspires you to celebrate nature wherever you go.