Lunch Hill Loop

Nearly every night when we are home we go for an evening walk together through our small neighborhood. It's my favorite time of day to unwind and catch back up on what transpired while we were apart. 

When we're out in the parks, we look for short and easy walks we can do at night to celebrate the day and wait out the sunset light. This walk was one of my all-time favorites. 

Nothing long and nothing too strenuous but just a delightful place to take in some fresh air and conversation. The route starts as paved from directly between the Jackson Lake Lodge and Jackson lake itself and provides views of the Tetons the entire time (if you park in the lodge area, go through or around to access the deck). This isn't a hike to take if you're expecting wild adventure but it's the perfect way to sip a cup of coffee, embrace the oncoming evening, or stretch your legs just a little more.

Pro Tip: Plan some extra time to grab a cocktail or snack on the deck of Jackson Lake Lodge after the hike. Whatever the price it'll be worth the view. 

Total Distance: ~1 Miles, Elevation Gain: ~200 feet