Two Ocean Lake + Grand View Point

After spending one of the most marvelous days of our lives hiking through Cascade Canyon and out to Lake Solitude last August, we were hoping to revisit the experience on this trip through the Tetons. Alas, trails that are clear in August are not clear in June, even mid-June, and it turned out hiking any of the canyon trails was not to be. (A review of this amazing hike is coming up soon, though, in the event it's open during a trip you take to the Tetons.)

Thick mud revealed lots of recent wildlife activity--there's a large bear out there!

Thick mud revealed lots of recent wildlife activity--there's a large bear out there!

We asked for a recommendation for a more off-the-beaten path hike and were gifted with the Two Ocean and Emma Matilda lake hikes. They were promised to be rugged, beautiful, and potential wildlife hotspots. We saw loads of evidence of both moose and bear but we did not spot any actual wildlife. The hike was as quiet as promised--we shared the trail only with a delightful British family we saw at the beginning and at an overlook. 

We opted for the Two Ocean lake hike and tacked on a steep climb up to and back from Grand View point. This region of the park does not offer views of the Tetons range but the views it does offer are lovely. On the northern end of the park, you can walk to this hike from the Jackson Lake Lodge and it gives you a very different feel than the crowded trails around Jenny Lake. 

Distance: 6.5 miles, Elevation Gain: ~300 (very steep) feet

Pro Tip: Carry spray with you for animals of all sizes. Good quality deet is necessary for the mosquitos (we applied spray 2-3 times!) and because the bear can be frequented by grizzlies, you'll want at least one can of bear spray for your party (bear bells not needed, just the spray).