Beaver Pond Loop

As far as hikes in Glacier go, this is not the most scenic.

But is there a bad hike in Glacier? Opinions on this question vary in our household but since I write the blog, I get to make the call. ;)

We met up with our friend Dave for this portion of the road trip. He had already hiked 10 miles down in the Two Medicine area that day but we had been sitting all day because we drove up from Gardiner that morning (and stopped in Helena for a scheduled oil change). I was chomping at the bit to get moving. We snuck this hike in late in the afternoon after just arriving at St. Mary’s Village. It was our first hike on our return trip to Glacier and I instantly felt the magic of the park. Everything is so green. The air is so fresh. A feeling of wild is everywhere.

The trailhead is very near the St. Mary Village and you don’t even go through the park gates to get to it. Instead, there’s a small road to the left just before the entrance and it takes you back t the start.

The trail starts off near an old ranger station and winds around Beaver Pond before connecting to the Red Eagle Trail. We had hopes of seeing beavers or moose in Beaver Pond and although we did see a lodge beavers had obviously built, we didn’t see any actual animals. We clocked the distance of this hike at 3.4 miles with relatively little elevation gain. It’s not entirely flat but it’s definitely an easy hike, and particularly for this area.

Our hike ended in the rain, which by this time of the road trip, we had nearly become accustomed. Thankfully, our room had low heat vents we could use to pump warm moving air into our hiking shoes. Chacos would not be enough to get us through the next day’s adventures we had planned for the park.