Drunk Bay and Ram Head

We took a very simple honeymoon. It was the middle of a semester and Kelly had been at a new job for something like three weeks. We also hadn’t developed our travel game yet. So we ducked down to Charleston for a long weekend along the coast. It was lovely but not a big deal honeymoon.

Following that, early in our marriage, we made paying off various debt a priority, funneling extra funds toward car loans, paying off some small credit card balances, and then student loans. After paying off our credit card debts, we decided to save for a reward—a vacation to St. John in the Virgin Islands. This became a symbolic honeymoon for us—our first real big adventure vacation together. With so many tropical islands to choose from, why did we choose St. John? It was certainly pricier than its neighbor St. Thomas. But even back then, we had National Parks in our blood. We had no idea we would eventually make a goal to visit (and maybe even hike) all of the National Parks in the US but the idea of an island that was 80% park land seemed just right. And so we researched and booked and flew to the most perfect tropical paradise. We’ve since been back to St. John twice for a total of three visits.

Our favorite hike? Out to Drunk Bay and Ram Head. This hike leaves from the Saltpond Bay Parking area on the east side of the island. This is pretty far away from the main town of Cruz Bay but worth the drive. You’ll have to hike down to Saltpond Bay first. To get to Drunk Bay, take the trail to the left of the bay. This bay is dramatically different from the rest of the beaches on St. John. It’s windy, stormy, rocky, and downright unpleasant for swimming. But it’s beautiful. Blue waters. And tons of jumbles made out of rocks and other beach debris. It’s such a cool spot.

After spending time in Drunk Bay, turn back around and keep walking past Saltpond Bay to the left. This trail will take you past another bay (pictured above) and out to Ram Head point. Still pretty rugged and not good for swimming but very good for views and sunsets. If you do the hike at sunset, pack headlamps for the walk back so you can linger as long as you want.

All together, the two hikes are about 3-4 miles, depending on how much wandering you do at each destination.

Pro Tip: Pack some swimming and snorkeling gear for Saltpond Bay. it’s a good hideout for turtles, squid, sting rays, and sea stars.

Virgin Islands National Park.jpg
Waves Crashing on Drunk bay Beach
Drunk Bay Rocks
Pink Barrel Cactus Flower
Southern Stingray Swimming